MiniSpaceWar 1.1.3

Galactic warfare comes to your Android phone


  • Brings back memories of the original Space Invaders


  • Poor graphics
  • Monotonous gameplay
  • Badly presented

Not good

Space Invaders is one of those games that has been cloned so many times that it's actually difficult to remember what the original actually looked like.

MiniSpaceWar is one of the first of these kind of games to make it onto the Android platform, and let's hope it won't be the last, because it's not very good.

Sure, you might get some enjoyment out of the retro factor of killing an endless succession of evil alien baddies. But this soon wears off in MiniSpaceWar and you're left with a poorly-implemented game with substandard graphics, and limited, repetitive gameplay.

After thirty years of Space Invaders clones, you'd expect a little better really



MiniSpaceWar 1.1.3

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